Brian Williams can not stop making fun of Brooklyn and I LOVE IT!!! This is a video that is played in cabs on that annoying little screen. If you see this one leave it on it is GREAT! I’ll say it Brian Williams for President!

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  1. hahahahahh okay i’ll give you this one. Referring to hipsters like they’re wildlife is always funny.

  2. well it’s about time you came around to the comic genius that is Brian Williams! Sadly i have been to that flee market they showed in the video…. I guess that makes me a hipster. Time to buy some ironic glasses and get that mustache going. pow

  3. You know I’m imagining myself in thick ironic glasses. With my new mustache and baldness I could be a pretty solid hipster. I need to get some ironic clothes as well.

  4. I want to see ironic hipster paul! I’ve got a mustache AND frames. I’m ready for my hipster lesson.

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