As many of you know I am a fanatical Beastie Boys fan. So obviously I follow them on the twitter. I think it was yesterday I saw that they had leaked a new song from their upcoming album “hot sauce committee part 2” yes they are releasing part 2 before part one. MCA has cancer back off. This comes as a shining beacon of hope for me because the last time I was suppose to see the B boys 2 years ago at All Points West they had to cancel because MCA had developed the cancer. Anyway click on the picture below or this like and give the new song “Make Some Noise” a listen. I though it was pretty good for their first rap offering in about 7 years.
Update!!!!! My head just exploded I went to the site to record the song and there is a ton of pre order info for the new album. AND!!! a trailer for a short movie that comes with it that literally has every one famous in it and is amazing.!!!!! i will be pre-ordering today!!!I posted it below!~!!!!! SHIT!
Update!!!! 2!! In a fit of near hysterics I have put in my pre-order purchase for the “hot sauce committee part 2” premium package. (insert sound of head exploding here!)

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  1. Dude they have this shit locked up tighter than fort knox. I haven’t seen any leaked copies yet. I’m amazed.

  2. They took out the camel toe too. No mention of that. Actually, I think it is prttey cool of Britney to release the before photo and have it shown next to the after. For the record, she looks great in the before photo. In some ways, better.I have a strange soft spot in my heart for this hillbilly girl.

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