Alright I’ve had enough!!!! This whole ironic mustache thing needs to STOP. If I see one more artsy jackass kid holding a printed out image of a mustache over his mouth, wearing a mustache t shirt, tattooing a mustache on their finger etc. I’m going to lose it. I know what your saying “Paul why are you poo pooing this fun-time creative party?”. I’m poo pooing this because it’s not creative it’s just a creative cop out that at this point is no better than clip art. To be fair 5 years ago (or more) when all this ironic mustache shit started it was fine. Mustaches were funny and we all enjoyed it. Now the joke/irony has run it’s course and it’s time to use your “creativity” to come up with something else. Oh and if you were the dipshit that tattooed a mustache on your finger…. well you deserve the douche tag your now stuck with for life.

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  1. Sooooo, free mustache rides are out of the question for next weekend? K8? Back me up on this one.

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