In what many have labeled a “dick move” the editors at dport7 have failed to mention Otter Control a new tumblr blog by our faithful friend Brian Lauvray. As many of you know our last post plugged the new tumblr from Kate buttFUZZ a Day and tragically omitted any mention of our other favorite tumblr blog Otter Control. So, Please visit this whimsical photo blog about Otters being “otter control”, you won’t be sorry you did. Click photo below to visit!

In other news: PUT UP THOSE STICKERS I SENT YOU. I’ve sent out many envelops full of stickers and haven’t seen the return on investment I was promised. If you have your don’t be a wienie put them in public spaces and take a effing picture. If your worried about getting in trouble…… grow a pair! (that last part was meant as encouraging tough love) Not to be taken for granted thank you John, Jew, and Krissy. As well as Mike in Chicago who I met last weekend.

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  1. Don’t believe him, Brian. Paul is entirely incapable of having feelings. Least of all sadness.

    Be strong, Brian. We’re all counting on you.

  2. I think we might have to call this one lost in the mail pal. You’ll just have to get a stack when you visit. sorry man. Looks like most of those packages got lost. EFF you USPS!

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