First off I would just like to thank the dport7 faithful for the overwhelming support on the new stickNtweet initiative that has been sweeping NYC, Aruba, and parts of Florida. I know there are many more of you awaiting your stickers in the mail (Brian & Jenn) and they will be sent out this week. We have 1000 dport7 stickers to put up and I need more cities to make this a success. So if your out there in internet land wishing you could help, shoot me an email with you address and we will get some of these out to you! All I need is you name and address and your word that you will tweet a few of your sticks to @dport7 on twitter. So email me and let do this!

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  1. Brian-
    We are trying to negotiate with Kate to occasionally wear a sticker but it’s not looking good. Doesn’t fit with her look at all.

    That would be stupid and dport7 stickers are meant for public spaces. plz!

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