i don’t know what the deal is but for some reason posting has become difficult. trying to get the energy to write something is almost impossible. you know it goes through phases. sometimes i work on dport7 non stop and sometimes i’m almost completely absent. Listen to this pointless babble…… sorry.

So I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday I can’t be sure but kate and I went to go see the new wes anderson film the darjeeling limited. As some if you may know i’m a fan of the wes Anderson movies. His films have a impressive aesthetic style and the characters are always interesting and corky. Not to mention the fact that bill murry has been in all of his movies. if you have a chance go see i don’t think you’ll be disappointed, i wasn’t.
:::UPDATE:::So before you go see the darjeeling limited click here and download the Hotel Chevaliar it’s kind of a prelude to the darjeeling limited (free on itunes) so watch it on your ipods………….

I went to hang out at rebecca’s last night and saw some old friends i got like two pictures i’ll put them up in fames. Oh wait check this out rebecca moved to greenpoint and has the greatest apartment. it’s really set off by the HUGE and I mean HUGE deck out back. it’s sick and I know for one I’d go back and hang out anytime. I don’t know if jill reads the blog but good luck in africa! (she’s joining the peace core to fight aids)


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