Everyone this is huge!!!! On friday (just one day away) Kate and I along with a pack of winter worn brethren will board a jet plane for the warm welcoming country of Aruba!!!!!! Were is Aruba you ask? Well it’s just above Venezuela in South America. It is in the stunningly light blue waters of the Caribbean near the glowing warm sun of the equator. As you know the winter has been anything but kinda and this blogger is showing the signs of a haggard winter troll. What are the signs of a haggard winter troll you ask?

  • A constant untamable irritability.
  • Pale white skin, normally only achieved by being trapped in a mine for several years.
  • An empty soulless stair that results in people moving away from you on the subway.
  • Nearly continuous winter illness. Be it cold or flu or a new thing Kate and I developed called Flold ®.

I could go on but I think you got it. I’ll set up an Aruba album in flickrs so check it out from time to time!

Also look for the great dport7 stick ‘n tweet as we start our sticker assault on the world!!!

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