so bear mountain! this weekend ian’s parent’s were in town and suggested going on a boat ride up to octoberfest at bear mountain. i forget that there is countryside just out side of this urban jungle. Living here working in mass produced products you start to believe the planet is dieing and global warming has brought us to our knees. All that may be happening but up state you’d never know. the land is healthy with trees just about to turn fall colors and paint the sky with a design only mother nature could create. We took a boat up the Hudson river surrounded by the palisades and rolling hills that seem to intersect each other in that distance. The entire trip that narrated by a older man with a velvet voice named john. he seemed to be straight out of the 50’s with cool slicked back silver hair, telling us stories of NYC all the way up the island. After a 3 hour trip we arrived at bear mountain and only had 2 hours to make our way up to octoberfest and have a braut and beers. we did just that and listened to the band and that in what seemed like no time at all made our way back to the boat. The 3 hour ride back got cold but the trip over all was sooo great. i cant express to you how great it is to get out of this city from time to time.

in other news i’m going to chicago this weekend to visit out friends from it’s a clash of the blogworld titans but in a fun way. the dport7 staff has just finished the physical therapy from last years visit so it seems only fitting to head back for another visit.


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