So as you may have heard Kate and I adopted a cat a few years ago that has Charlie Sheen tiger blood running through it’s veins. The crap this cat pulls makes wild apes look like droopy eyed armless children. She smokes 7 gram rocks a day because, well that’s how she rolls. Needless to say this causes trouble for us around the apt. Last Sunday buttFUZ was involved in the shattering of Kate’s iPhone. This was in the truest sense a disaster. Kate was crushed, buttFUZZ was banished and I was left to pick up the pieces. So it turns out you can order iPhone parts off the internet at this great site called Direct Fix It. They have parts for everything, front panels, back panels ipods, cables, tons of stuff. Long story short we ordered the part and I video taped us changing it out. Nerds enjoy.

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  1. I hear the screws on the iPhone 5 are literally small enough to travel through the capillaries of baby seals. In fact, I heard the iPhone 5 literally is a baby seal.

  2. Jew,
    We’re not sure any of that made sense. Please lay off the tiger blood…. it’s making you crazy.
    dport7 staff

  3. Ed,
    What is an hairy asshand? The entire staff is confused. Glad to see your still coming to the site even after our past disagreements.

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