The joys of being well enough to leave the house are still echoing through my body. As all of you know Kate and I have had colds for the last 4 months straight, just trading back and forth getting better getting worse. Well, I’m happy to say I think all that business may be behind us for the season.
In what felt like a peaceful prison break we left our apartment to find what we thought to be a bit of culture. To be fair after being down and out so long you can’t just leap back into your hedonistic ways. In an unusual turn Kate got us tickets to a play at BAM to see the “great” Geoffrey Rush in “The Diary of a Madman” written by Nikolai Gogol. It’s 2 hours of Mr. Rush on stage pretty much alone acting like a “madman” from Russia in the 1830’s. Now, to be fair we don’t really like theater much and comedy from 1830’s Russia tends not to hold up, but Mr. Rush gives it his very best. From what I could tell the only people laughing were older intellectuals that see this as their duty as cultured members of society to not only pretend to understand this sort of thing but to appreciate it on a level that us “regular folk” just never could. The truth is we only went to see Oscar Nominated Geoffrey Rush from “The Kings Speech“, and we did that so it’s a win I guess. If your thinking about going I would brush up on you 1830’s pop culture and work on concentrating on understanding an English accent (yes i know Geoffrey Rush is Australian, he sounds english to me… back off)

I’m other exciting news we did a move out style clean on the refrigerator today and it is magnificent. Threw away all the crap and pulled out all the shelves, scrubbed the whole thing down and put it all back together. I consider this a massive accomplishment and owe almost all the credit to Kate for getting us started. Check out the photo of it below.

Lastly, incase you missed it I sent out the stickers yesterday to be made!!!!!! The entire internet is a buzz about the stick ‘n tweet dport7 stickers….. get excited and get ready!

OH…….. One Last Thing I rendered a highRez image you can use as an desktop. It’s Mr.ButtWash with his huge spray can!!!!

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  • Pyramid Schemez says:

    I LOVE Geoffrey Rush. He was awesome as PS in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers. And well I like the Pirates franchise too. Sue me.

  • pauldiehl says:

    He seems like a cool guy. Sadly Mr. Rush opted out of hang out with us after the show. His loss!

  • Pyramid Schemez says:

    You should have dropped buttFUZZ’s name. It usually works.

  • paul says:

    buttFUZZ has been ban from BAM for an undisclosed drug issue that is still in litigation.

  • Pyramid Schemez says:

    She is running with the wrong crowd!

  • Paul mobile says:

    I’m glad someone fianlly said it!!!! Thank You!

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