I know what you’re thinking….. Where has the “talented” Jon “Jew” Schulman been throughout this entire Help Turbo initiative? Well, for most of it he’s been sitting staring wide eyed into the computer screen blankly. But the other day I received an email with count them 3 half ass designs for the new Turbo t-shirt. I think he might have misunderstood the project but non the less one of these made me laugh so I’m going to share them with you. Remember it’s time to take this into your own hands download the help Turbo file before Jon strikes again. Thanks man!

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  • Ed Lubanski says:

    It’s fitting that because is spelled wrong.

  • pauldiehl says:

    See it’s not just me!

  • Brian L. says:

    Paul, what are boobs?

  • Dreamz of My Popsicle says:

    When he goes half-assed he really commits.

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