ok no picture today. I’ll fill you in anyway. Last night ian Joel and I hit the town just like the old days. After starting at Pinkie Masters (which has not changed in the least, even some of the old regulars are still there). Then moved on to Vinnies and on to the rail pub. This was kinda hard for me because when I was here at school the rail pub was kind of the place to go. Now its just full of a bunch of lame kids sings really lame 90’s shit rock karaoke. I sang peaches by the presidents of the united states of america and no one cared. Then we closed the bars down at some Scottish place on congress. You know they say you can never go back, and for as lame as that saying is its sooo true. You had your time and weather it was cool or not it seemed cool, and its impossible to remember it as any less then the best.

today was golf. Yes that’s right I went golfing. I’m really horrible, although I had two good shots to at least save face alittle. We were playing a scramble (look it up) and I was on a team with bill (the groom) and the bride’s father and brother. For not getting to bed till 4 the night before and getting up a 7 for the tee time i handeled myself pretty well. Had a pretty good time and didnt really hit the wall so to speak untill lunch time. Bill really carried our team. Of course we did our best to destroy the golf carts. But they always cap the speed on those things so you can’t get them airborne.

Right now I’m waiting for Jenn Norwood to come pick me up so we can go to the kings inn to do some real karaoke. Jenn is a pro and I have a few killer songs in mind. I’m doing a neil diamond song in honor of both kate and brian. Also I’m going to see if jen wants to do the clash’s train in vein with me. (if you dont know this song, go buy it. One of the best)

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