so i’m ganna keep this relatively short because i just posted 28 NEW pictures in frames so tell this story with pictures. anyway! I’m back from savannah and the wedding and kings inn. the wedding was lovely bill and katie were both glowing with excitement and gave us all a lovely wedding to attend. the service was great loved the ministers talk. really solid. the location was beautiful and the weather couldn’t have cooperated more. the reception was at the telfair museum and went super smooth. danced a bit and was told later by bill’s parents friends that i won that dance competition but would receive no prize. seeing all the old college folks was great. big thanks goes out to joel for driving ian and i around and not kicking me in the balls. of course all the best to bill and katie!!!

saw jenn, like i said at the KINGS INN. had a crazy great time. took a little video might try to post it tomorrow. i sang everything i wanted. jenn owns the place with her song selection. Oh and her friend tad is ok. has a creepy habit of walking behind you in a stalker type fashion but its cool.

(double click to play)

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