Well I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. We did. We went out to our friend Megan’s parents house to have and epic 2.5 day pool party. Megan was kind enough to host about 12 of us for a great time swimming, grilling out and generally being hoolagans. We drove the van out see it parked in the back yard below.

As I mentioned we drove the van out. Thus is was a great opportunity to try out the air-conditioner I built. It worked great! For 15 minutes….. I just put store bought ice in it so it melted super quick. My hope is that I can figure out where to buy a block of solid ice, as that should last a bit longer. See Kate being a good sport below… Sorry Kate.

On Sunday we went to brunch with our old friends Phil and Leena as well as there 2 children. It was great to get in a quick visit. Glad we could make it work. We met in Dumbo Brooklyn, so Kate and I reduced to make a day of it and go to “Beyond the Streets”. My favorite part was the Beastie Boys portion. There as an entire room with some of the greatest Beastie Boys memorabilia I’ve ever seen. It was great.

Lastly Jon and I put in a little more time on the water sensor I posted a few weeks ago on. We changed the switch to be a floating switch. We also changed the notifications to go through Push Bullet instead of ifttt. We are soooooo close to getting it right! I now need to do a bit of re-wiring and print out the housing and we are on to the next project!

What a surprise! The great Ian Swanson, of the Swanson’s of Australia visited us for a grand total of 12 hours last Friday. We haven’t seen Ian in like 6 years and it was great to have a moment to visit. We went to dinner in the city, then back to West Orange for a quick hangout on the porch.

I also had a little time this weekend to put together an emergency air-conditioner for the van. After last year’s heat disaster driving back from New Hampshire. I did a little research on what to do. I decided to build mine using a paper pulp cooler and a computer fan. The idea is pretty simple. Using a cooler filled with ice and fan blowing air over it you get air-conditioning. The computer fan is both small and easy to power over USB. I went to Home Depot and for the first time in my life found all the parts I needed. All in all here is the part list.

  1. Fan
  2. USB to 3 pin connector
  3. Cooler
  4. PVC 4in pipe connector (safety)
  5. Chicken wire mesh (safety)
  6. 3 in aluminum air conduit

fits perfectly between the front seats!