Tough week last week. Followed by a rainy, sleepy, working weekend.

That said 2 highlights I managed to wiggle out of this newsless time.

1. I went to Racine WI last Thursday. The campus as you may or may not know was designed by the Great American Architect Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright. I think I’m always taken by his ability to play with proportion in a way that creates the appearance of thin elements in otherwise large structures.

2. Holy crap our Japaneese Maple. This sucker came out of this winter ready to party! Everytime I go outside I’m shocked by how impressive it is.

3. (Oops surprise, I have a 3rd) I was walking to meet Kate downtown Friday night and I saw the great Ariana Grande taking pictures with her fans on 17th St, just up from Union Square. I did not get a photo because I’m not particularly a fan. Although she seemed to be very kind in possing with people. She was hanging out the window of her giant black SUV. Made all the more giant looking by how incredibly tiny she is.

As you may or may not remember, this blog was made to track the tasks and experiences of everyday life. So I give you, a standard weekend.

I worked pretty late on Firday so that was a bit of a wash.

Saturday I installed a new, less traditional ceiling fan. I enjoy this kind of thing, although relativity simple it provides a sense of accomplishment. This can be difficult to come by in the everyday monotony, so it’s nice.

Our neighbor was having a birthday party roasting a 60lb pig. It was impressive and it was nice to see all the neighbors from the street.

The pig had a rough day.

Sunday was a work day, sucks but what can you do.

This morning I took a pic of the house as it’s nice to finally feel as if winter is over. The leaves are out and things are green. It keeps the sadness away when the sun is out.

Enjoy your week.

Just flying back from San Francisco (started writing this post on 4/30/18) and I’m sitting here wondering why we torcher ourselves by living on the east coast. I don’t love San Francisco but the surrounding areas are the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in the US. As I sit here waiting to fly back to the big grey butthole that is New York I feel as if I’m doing everything wrong. Facing down yet another week of the NJT, Manhattan, the rest is enough to make you hope for cancellations.
The wedding was beautiful, our friend Adam from NY (he moved back to Cali, about 2 years ago) got married in Marshall California, it’s a bit North West of Petaluma. It’s in dairy farm country and it is beautiful. Lots of cows and sheep roaming around on rolling green hills. It’s endlessly peaceful with cool crisp air and the sound of the ocean in the background. On Friday night they had a brick oven pizza truck at the wedding venue for people to meet each other and say hello. The pizza was exceptional. We met a bunch of nice folks and had a lovely time. The wedding day started out rainy and quickly turned into a beautiful sunny day. Every thing about the wedding was simple and lovely. It’s hard to explain but I’m now convinced a beautiful place makes a wedding work way better. It’s hard to do a beautiful places are few and hard to get to.

We stayed at an air BNB in Dillon Beach. The Air BNB was amazing! Clean, new, and priced right. Views of the ocean from every window, and a beautiful porch and garden. It was an amazing trip, everything was just beautiful. I found myself in a some what constant state of dred thinking a out returning home. Maybe it’s just been too long in one place. I don’t know. People always feel that way about vacation, going home is always hard. It’s just this is the hardest it’s ever been…

Paul and Kate

Dillon Beach

Kate and Annie (rock chaulk)


Dillon Beach

Dillon Beach

Wedding Venue

Kate in the garden of the AirBNB