So we got him. Dirty has been caught and disposed of. Last night we got home and there he was on the trap. I think he was a bit angry, but it was too late. The problem with a glue trap is that the mouse is just sitting there looking at you, and you at it. Then in a way you start to feel bad for it. Not knowing what to do Ian and I threw little dirty off the roof…… I know but what else do you do with a mouse, and it’s a long walk down stairs to the trash cans. Dirty RIP

So we got the same old president. Here’s the thing though I didn’t vote. For many reasons, I’m registered in Ohio and I’m in NYC, I can’t decide between to crazy old white men, ect. Anyway the fact is I live in NYC, and I’m afraid to leave the house today. Why? because the streets are running red with blood. Puff Daddy (P Diddy) is out on the street killing people left and right. His VOTE OR DIE campaign was no joke and he’s coming for the Dport7 staff.

So last night I was awakened by the sound of “pitter patter” around my room. First thought is “Hooray I have a little elves that come to my room at night and fix my shoes”. When turning on the lights I didn’t see Elves but a new roommate named Dirty. Dirty is a little Mouse from the Bronx that moved to Hell’s Kitchen Manhattan to live with me in my tiny room. I think he brought a few friends just to be safe. I think I’ll play the Lotto today my luck is on the rise……..Dirty Must DIE…… The picture below is the reaction i had to Dirty.