So i know it’s been a while but listen i don’t have the internet at the APT. so i have to walk to the apple store after work to get a connection. Anyway work is going well but it’s just a little slow. . CLICK BELOW TO GO TO PICS!!!!!

So here I am in NYC. In short my room is small the city is huge and I’m tired. I got about a 35min. trek to work very day but I really like the area I work in. I live in Hell’s Kitchen which is nice cause it’s not to busy around the apt. So pictures soon I promise.

Well everyone today is the last day in Cincinnati. Tomorrow is the big move to NYC. I’d like to say farewell to everyone here in the midwest. I won’t forget and hey I’ll be back at christmas. Dport7 looks forward to it’s new home in NYC but will miss Shady O’ Grady, check out the singer ay Shady’s last night, his name was ian and the dude was crazy funny