Well faithful since the last entry I’ve been on the road. First a funeral then more Karaoke. Last night Kate and i again brought the house down with Still the Same, soon to be the local favorite of Cincinnati. Notice in the picture how confused I look. I couldn’t understand the lack of enthusiasm for our performance. Oh and the guy in charge of the Karaoke was a dick…

Last night was hilarious. Kate, John, and i went to PEG’s Bar out by the old hockey rink here in Cincinnati. It was Karaoke night, so we rocked. We all did a killer version of “We didn’t start the fire” then Kate and i did the best “Still the Same” (bob seger) known to man. The bar filled with hicks loved it. I can’t says will ever go back but we will always be remembered there..

I’m in the airport with Kate and I’ve only got 3 more hours to wait. We got kicked out of the NYU dorms at 10am and the flight is at 3pm. Back to Ohio faithful. I took an internship with TODA , although unpaid at least I’m doing something..

So I got an offer for the internship at Prime. That’s cool. I just had my interview with TODA and it went well. I told them I already have an offer and they said they would call me tomorrow. I interview with POLLEN , tomorrow so it’s exciting. Kate and I went to the Statue OF LIBERTY yesterday, and the bitch is still green (the statue) .

I just had my interview with PRIME, and I think it went pretty well. It’s not really paid and it’s really small but it seems like a good environment. I talked to the current intern and he liked it so I might be in luck. I’ll find out tonight at 5pm, pray for me faithful……..pictures soon..

Hello from Bryant Park Faithful. That’s right Dport7 is again on the move and it’s sights are set on NYC. I’m waiting here in the park for Kate to get lunch. The internet is free so I’m letting you all know. I just got contacted for another interview that makes 3. It’s with TODA, . I have PRIME , tomorrow at 11am so today is haircut day.