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August 31, 2004

So tonight the Reds game was really bad, three home runs in a row(for the other team). Then we went to the Village

and it was lame till Aaron’s friend Page showed up. She’s cool and helped out…

August 30, 2004

Tonight Aaron, John and I ventured out to some local taverns and bars. First up was Shady O’Grandy’s which may I say felt like home. The bar tender was cool and laughed at my jokes and the other people there seemed real. Then it was off to the Village Tavern where everyone was lame. They had karaoke and it sucked..

August 29, 2004

So as you all know last night John, Aaron, and i went to see Hall and Oates here in Cincinnati. I must say it was a bit of a disappointment. Private Eyes was not sung neither was Rich Girl. Other than that the people at the concert where just weird. Some guy that said he was mildly retarded took my camera from me and took my picture, and some girl showed Aaron her boob and took a picture with him….lesson learned Hall and Oates = weird people..

August 27, 2004

So today my brother and i went on a shopping trip to make him more fly. Things went well and John will soon be an unstoppable ladies man. I did no buying just watched money flow out of John’s pockets. I did although snap a picture of myself in a def hat……I know I look drunk in the pic but I swear I’m not..

August 26, 2004

1. I hate Cingular they lie to me and steel my money. If you see someone that works for Cingular kick them..

2. If you tie kittens together they are much easier to catch.

3. If you go to one movie this summer make it Garden State

August 24, 2004

Well folks I’m back in Defiance Ohio. Finding my roots and trying to help my parents out with their computer. Unfortunately the RAM i bought sucks so my trip is in vane. Any how the Urbn Cowboy, Aaron Shurts has asked that dport7 be updated so this entry is for you fool……dport7 would like to wish KATE good luck on getting her wisdom teeth out tomorrow..

August 21, 2004

Kate went back to Colorado today so paul’s hanging out by himself. You may be asking yourself : “When does Paul move to NYC?” The answer is September 3rd. Put it on your calendar, and wish the kid luck. I’m sitting here right now watching Purple Rain on VH1 wondering in fact; is this what it sounds like when doves cry?…

August 18, 2004

Today was a fun filled day at the zoo. Cincinnati has a serious zoo to offer. Kate and I did our best to enjoy it. We made a little video for Dport7. So click on the picture below and enjoy..

August 17, 2004

So if your ever looking to get an apartment in NYC take my advice and don’t do it. The broker firms are completely out of there minds. You pay them a couple of thousand dollars to do nothing for you. I talked to the broker guy today and he started yelling at me. What an ass……..I told him to take his broker lips and kiss my broker hating ass..

August 15, 2004

Good morning faithful. I’m coming to you from the Lauvray household in Toledo Ohio (home of Brian Lauvray). Last night Kate, Brian, and I ripped up the Toledo night life with yet another night of Karaoke. Brian performed a version of “Rocket Man” that made the girls cry. Kate and I again put the fear of god in people with “Still the Same”. As a group we killed with Wham’s “Wake me up (before you go-go)”. Enjoy the picture of Brain the rock god………