today i got a new cell phone. For those of you that call paul you know how much my old cell phone sucked. So if you haven’t called me in a while you don’t deserve the clarity of the new phone but you can rock it if you want…..

I’m writing from the USair friendly skys on my way back to San Fran. I spent the weekend in Savannah visiting kate and attending a wedding that she was in. I apologize to the dport7 faithful in that area for not having time to visit, for my friends I miss you, but it was a quick trip….Side note kate and I got hit by a truck tire..damn….

As most you the faithful are aware I do not currently have an internet connection at my Apt. This makes caring for the site difficult. Ian has now hassled with the phone company out here for 2 weeks to get DSL. Tell your friends and family that SBC sucks……..