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June 29, 2004

Yet another late night at the office. Unfortunately it’s poor ian that has to fight through the current project that is keeping us. I fight with making a website for most of the day. ETA you ask 11:20pm….this is what I look like at 11:20pm in Palo Alto..

June 27, 2004

I was in San Fran. last night again. I have noticed this my friends, if I’m not mistaken it is JUNE. But not here. I froze my paul’s off last night at this bar where everyone was way to concerned with looking indi rock / hippie cool……I kinda liked it….

June 24, 2004

So the depressing effects of life have taken hold faithful……….I’m sorry things are great I had three hours of fun yesterday……….

June 22, 2004

Well look at it this way faithful, your not me…..right on. Well at least i haven’t started selling my sperm for extra money……So i got that going for me……..

June 21, 2004

I think I have a treat for all of you today. I just received a picture of my mom and John Stossel from 20/20. To put it lightly this is just kind of funny, and strange. Don’t ask just enjoy………… image for larger

June 19, 2004

So I had so much good time last week that I can’t fit it all in the blog. So I will fill you in on today faithful. Ian the (senior editor) suggested we try to find the IN-N-OUT Burger. It took 2 hours to find and needless to say I was not happy….

June 16, 2004

so today faithful is with out words. I was on a yacht all day and then went to the Giants game. BEAT THAT. at this point the staff at dport7 would like to thank Shayne Mackey for being rock and roll and making this all happen…

June 14, 2004

So today Ian, Aaron and I went to Santa Cruz. That’s right friends just down the coast. After walking down the beach I realized that I need to help protect the safety of the soon to be dport7 faithful……

June 13, 2004

Well folks is official I have the internet! It’s 1:21 in the AM and I have the life line known as dial_up. So at least i can get email and update the site. Thanks for hanging tough Faithful……

June 10, 2004

I feel I need to alert the faithful. If any of you visit the great state of California please make your way to Palo Alto (Menlo) and visit JAN’S Deli. Here my friends the best sandwiches are made and sold on a daily bases. I enjoy them at least once a week…..