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August 26, 2011

So just in case you’ve been totally cut off from the news I need to make you aware of something……. There is (as you read this) an apocalyptic size hurricane headed for us here in NYC. Are we going to be ok? you ask. Yes Kate I and the cat are on the top of the slope in Park Slope and with last years Micro Burst/Tornado in our neighborhood most of the weak trees have been knocked down already. This doesn’t mean we are ill prepared. Bottles of water will be bought and extra supplies are being horded. ButtFUZZ hates the storms so I have reassured her that nothing will happen. Although I must admit I’m looking forward to her little gray freakout.

With all this talk about how powerful this storm is going to be and all the whipping up the media is doing. I thought I’d give you a few tools you could use.
1. Check out this great map the NYTimes put up. You can track the storm in real time. You’ll be able to see it hit us in Brooklyn.
2. Last time we had a Hurricane of note in NYC was 1938. This podcast I listen to called “The Story” interviews a women that was caught in the storm out in the bay in Amagansett.

I will be live tweeting the entire storm so you can check back here on the right side of the page under Sweet Tweets to stay up to date on how the whole thing is going down.
Good Luck East Cost!!!!

May 12, 2011

So I was just out at lunch and tried this Mongolian BBQ. You fill a bowl up with stuff you want and hand it to these guys. Then him and his buddy walk around this big circular hot plate just kinda moving it around till it’s done. Check out how this PRO gets the stuff off the hot pad and on to the plate. He’s a master. I’m sure this is nothing new but I was impressed.

April 2, 2011

Hello everyone! It’s officially spring time and everyone here on the dport7 staff is celebrating. As I have complained about numerous times this New York winter practically killed us. Although spring seems to be coming up on us begrudgingly with only temps in the 50’s so far we don’t care. HOORAY for warmer weather. With that I made some new dport7 banners to celebrate. Turbo is out in the park enjoying the sun. He’s got his trusty pinwheel and dport7 brand beer. Refresh the page and you may see him getting crazy on the tire swing (there are 2 different banners so far). Keep visiting I’m working on a few more banners with all this nice weather.

March 20, 2011

First off I would just like to thank the dport7 faithful for the overwhelming support on the new stickNtweet initiative that has been sweeping NYC, Aruba, and parts of Florida. I know there are many more of you awaiting your stickers in the mail (Brian & Jenn) and they will be sent out this week. We have 1000 dport7 stickers to put up and I need more cities to make this a success. So if your out there in internet land wishing you could help, shoot me an email with you address and we will get some of these out to you! All I need is you name and address and your word that you will tweet a few of your sticks to @dport7 on twitter. So email me and let do this!

February 20, 2011

Went out to lunch yesterday in redhook with my parents. Took this picture really liked it…. I was getting tired of looking at the motion gif of jack. Sure you where too. Enjoy!

February 8, 2011

So as you know the staff has been requesting Turbo sticker/t-shirt designs for at least a month or so. After much deliberation (of which was excruciating) we have picked a design with a few adjustments. The winning design comes from a co-worker of mine named Jenny. I added the Jenn Norwood cloud took off the frills and we have ourselves a winner. I have been working on a die cut so the sticker will be a offset shape of the crest rather than a square sticker.
Now your saying to yourself “Paul this is great and everything but what are we ganna do with these?”. Well here’s the plan. What I want to do is send a few of you in different parts of the country a stack and then with your cooperation start a twitter sticker post page. This involves you taking a picture of the stickers you put up. Be it in the bar, in bathrooms, subway stops, stop signs, cabs, hallways…….where ever. Then with your smarty phones tweet the pic @dport7 #dport7Sticker and I will have them post to a special pics page on the site. Let me know what you think…. I think this sounds like fun!!!!!!!

January 27, 2011

Hello from the nucleus of the winter season. Last night we received the 3rd major snow storm of the young 2011 winter. From what I can tell we got between 10 to 13 inches of snow. Now don’t let those fear mongers on the news tell you we got 15 to 20. Their just trying to whip people in to a frenzy. Also let’s be clear. If you live in NYC there is no reason to stay home from work. Now all our NJ friends don’t have bus service so they have a reasonable excuse.
Hey Paul, what’s the craziest thing you saw in this 3rd winter storm. Well look at the pictures below to see a burned out cab in the middle of Flatbush. Yes this qualifies as a snowpocalypse.

January 25, 2011

So I know you didn’t think it was possible………hell, I didn’t either. We have another hat in the ring (as they say) for the Tubro sticker/t-shirt initiative. This one is from one of my co-workers. They saw the Turbo wallpaper on my phone and inquired. I mentioned I was trying to get a graphic design going and interest was sparked, I like this one as well. Let me know what you think!

In other news I hope you’re all enjoying the new Turbo hunting lodge. I’ve installed a random rotating banner. This means every time you visit the site you should see a different banner. All in the lodge in some aspect. Honestly it took some time to get the lodge built so I’m trying to get as much out of it as possible.

January 19, 2011

So if you haven’t noticed we got some shots of Turbo at home. Yes this fictional Marshmallow/Tooth figure lives in an old english hunting lodge. Fully equipped with an antler chandelier, hunting rifle, lamps, fireplace, and many other things that make it feel like home. I thought it would be a nice change from blue backgrounds with snotty tag lines. So I’m planning on doing a bunch of different renderings in the lodge, because well it took a good amount of time to put together. I hope you like it as much as I do.

January 18, 2011

I’ve been a bit under the weather for a few solid days so I haven’t much to say. I saw this weightless cat video this morning and thought it may need your attention. I’ve often thought if we ever conquered space it would be of the utmost importance to know how cats would react.