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January 3, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!!!! So this year we spent NYE in beautiful Surprise NY. Good friend of the site Billy has a friend Charlie (that he knew from high school I think) who’s family has a country house. It’s the big white farm house in the pictures below. Kate made her famous apple and pumpkin pies that went over really well. I was a bit more than slightly over dressed in my new navy velvet sport coat and tie. Everyone was super nice. Most of the folks there were actors. I guess some of them had known each other from being in the movie “Black Hawk Down” together. Charlie has been on everyone’s favorite show “Mad Men”. He played Abe, Peggy’s man friend in season 4. I’m rambling.
Long story short we had a great time. Explored the big old barns. Took a walk around the country side with all it’s hills and views and what not. Lovely.
I hope you had a great New Years wherever you are! Time for Paul to get back on the treadmill and run off some of this Holiday Gut!

December 13, 2011

So I’m a proud survivor of my second Jets game. Now, I know what you’re thinking “Paul you don’t know anything about football, hell you don’t even like football”. Your right I don’t, but with my new found gang of Jets fans I’ve changed my tune. Plus I got Kate to come to this game. Full disclosure Kate complained about going to the game all week. “It will be too cold” she said. “I don’t like sports” she said. Well her tune is changed as well, she had a great time. Dport7 want’s to give a huge thanks to Billy for being in a sense our Jets sponsor of sorts. The thing is that after going to college with no football team we never really got use to the early morning party that is tailgating. This really kick our asses and we have just recovered it now being Tuesday. We may not be able to handle another till next season but all and all we’d do it again!!!

November 24, 2011

This is where pictures from thanksgiving 2011 are enjoy. Happy thanksgiving to you!

It’s Sunday we are on our way back. So incredibly sad to have to leave. We had a great time and really miss everyone. I think this picture sums things up.

Good friend of dport7 Brian Louis Lauvray is in Turkey for Turkey day. Check out his blog about it with all the pictures. Magical

November 23, 2011

It’s 5am and as always if it’s that early Kate and I are at La Guardia. We are on our way to Asheville NC for what has been deemed the thanksgivingpaloza, or maybe thanksgivingacolypse, Turkygate, or Turkeytussel. Anyway it has the makings of an epic time. On this trip is Me, Kate, Martin(host), Jenn Norwood, Joe Sanders,and Danielle Sanders. Kate and I have been looking forward to this for months. Kate is making a pie, turkey, caserols, and what not.

As promised in the last post, let’s catch up. Last weekend Ian, Pink, and Adinda came to NYC on their way to WI for the Holiday. I’m not sure but they may win the award for most miles ever traveled to be at Thanksgiving.
We got to spend a little time with them while they stopped over in NYC for 2 days. As you know when a baby is around pictures are taken. And no matter what you may think of me, not even I can resist taking a few shots. Enjoy the pic. The whole fam seemed happy and health.
oh and happy thanksgiving if I don’t see you!!!

November 13, 2011

So after what I might call the most stressful birthday of my life (work). I met up with Kate, Megan, and Chris for a quick Birthday drink and dinner at Essex. Then as I mentioned in my last post. Saturday was a joined super gay Birthday event. Megan, Sarah, Kate, Billy and I went to Long Island to Hot Skates for some fun that time forgot called roller skating. As you might expect there were some weird dudes hanging out at the roller rink. Along with a ton of kids. I’m pretty sure there may have been about 35 birthday party’s in progress. I felt like a weirdo creeper just being there. I would have taken more pictures but every time I took out my camera or phone the Hot Skates police (much like public pool lifeguards) came and took me down. There was also Neal HotSkate (owner of HotSkate) standing on the sidelines in a red sweater and a black turtle neck just yelling down happiness whenever possible.

We all then went to Benihana’s and I made you a dport7 video so you could share in the fun. Although I’m guessing you’ve been and may or may not have specific feeling about it. My advice is to embrace it and have the time of your life.

October 23, 2011

Yes….. The 10K went well. Saturday Megan and I ran the “Rock’N Roll” 10K in Prospect Park with 6000 other people and our supporters Kate, Sarah, Billy, Eliane, and Zeus (Billy’s dog). I’ve never run in a race this big before and it was a challenge. Just too many people I kept having to jump up on to the grass to pass people and stay on pace. I wish I would have been a little faster I finished the race in 54 minutes. I included a map below to show you the course. It’s not quite two laps of the park but its pretty close. The guy that won the race ran the 6.27 miles in 28 minutes which I find to be completely insane. I saw him pass the crowed at a devilish speed. It was a good race Megan and I both felt good about it.

I included at the end of this post a better pic of the newly painted spare room. Please enjoy.

October 3, 2011

This weekend was the annual Bear Mountain Oktoberfest trip. As we have done the past few years we took the Metro North to the Peakskills stop. We had a good group this year and as always the trip was a full success. There were a few highlights though. Ben made a special trip all the way from San Francisco for the day. Kate and Megan gave Sarah a Sons Of Anarchy type leather jacket with a “Full Patch” wolf and feather. Which was amazing. I had a waffle.
Every year as a group we make a pact. After Bear Mountain when we get back to Grand Central the group will disperse and rather than trying to keep the party going in a vain attempt we will all go home. I’m saying in this public forum that I did everything in my power to keep that pact. However others in the group broke under party pressure. We visited Heathers and forced the day on for another hour or so. It turns out Hearhers maybe closing due to neighbor complaints of noise so in the minds of the pact breakers this was reason enough to visit.
All in all it was a great day! Thanks to everyone that made it out. And to those that missed it, for shame!!!!

June 26, 2011

So this weekend we are in Baltimore for the race. So far so good.
7:51am: still waiting to start. Swimmers start at 8:20.
All the teams did great! I had a personal best over last year. No walking (which was sad last year) ran that hell hill course in 30min flat!
::::update:::: my official time is in!!! That right I ran it in 29:42!!!!!!

On the way home we stopped at the Bmore art museum. Kate picked me up this little robot. It can walk.

May 4, 2011

So this is certainly worth a mention. One of dport7’s most frequent contributors “The Jew” has gone the extra dport7 mile. Jon asked me a month or so ago to send him the 3D print of Turbo because he was interested in trying to cast him. Begrudgingly I places turbo in the mail to D.C. and Jon started on a casting journey to bring a 3 dimensional Turbo into your home. In true internet fashion he started a tumblr blog to help document the process. A few weeks ago I did a simple tumblr embed of his site right here on dport7. You can see his most recent 10 entries by clicking on TURBO CASTING in the menu. You can see the entire site by clicking here. Check it out it’s going pretty well.

April 20, 2011

We had quite a weekend. Kate’s parent’s were in town, and we all went to see this amazing documentary on the Bill Cunningham a New York Times fashion columnist. I could try to explain but watch the trailer below to get a better idea. It’s one of those documentary’s about a person that seems to be a completely different kind of human. Bill lives on a different plan of being. He’s a kind of genuine human that just doesn’t exist in everyday live. A character that seems as if he has to be made up from the imagination of a Disney screenwriter. Yet at that same time he’s unusually accepting and liberal for a man in his 80’s. We all loved it and I recommend you see it. I’m sure it will be out on Netflix soon.

Brian was also in town this weekend. As most of you know Brian is my best friend from way back in the high school days. We had an opportunity to hangout in the evenings and had some good times. I took Monday off to spend a bit more time with him and Joanis before his flight back to Chicago. Brian has a uncontrollable BOOM BOOM POW affinity for the Black Eye Peas and spent much of his time here sing them for us. When I tried to get him on video singing he threw a curve ball and did a rendition (all be it wrong) of the R.E.M’s “Everybody Hurts”. I put together 2 different versions of it for you I hope you all enjoy!
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