So Kate sent this to me today and I love it. It’s not often I’m driven to use the word “cute” in public, but this can not be helped. This little Red Panda attacking this pumpkin is the cutest thing ever. Please enjoy.
(if you are on a mobile device you may not be able to see the video. Please use a computer for now)

So last night was the big snow for the season. Of course it was also the night we had a flight to LA. To make up for that super sadness our friend Billy did one of his patented garbage dives. Thanks man!! Hope the snow broke that fall! Listen in the background for Kate and Megan screaming like crazy people.

Because I’m sure you haven’t seen enough about hurricane Sandy. Kate and I went out to Prospect Park to survey the damage. To be fair it looks like Sandy just picked off the sick ones for the most part. Kate and I were sure to et out pictures with the fallen trees for posterity sake. Enjoy and eft Sandy and her friends if she has any! (my guess is a big no)

HURRICANE SNADY Well it’s Thursday and that bitch of a storm rolled through Monday into Tuesday. It has been kind of a weird experience from our vantage point. Our part of Brooklyn (thank God!) is one of the highest neighborhoods in the city. This put us far from any flooding. During the storm the winds were high but nothing our building couldn’t handle. The weird part was watching the storm happen around us on TV and the internet. Seeing places we go flood on TV seemed unimaginable knowing they are such a relatively short distance away. We were lucky we never lost power and all our friends are safe and sound. Megan’s neighborhood flooded and lost power (still out) but she managed to walk to our place on Tuesday afternoon, and is staying with us till she gets power back.
All of lower Manhattan from 35th down is out of power so the subways from us to midtown aren’t working. This has left us trying to work from home all week. Today we are trying to ride our bikes in as it’s been 3 days and we need to get to work. I’ve posted a few pics below that I’ve seen over this time. All of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Prospect Park.
NJ got hit soooo much harder along it’s coast it’s truly devastating. Oh and let’s not for get that terrible fire in Breezy Point Queens. All in all we survived with the least damage possible and are very grateful for that! Donate to the red cross there are a lot of people really hurting right now.

Flooded Subways

Brooklyn Bridge Flood

Carousel Flooded 🙁

Tree Fall in Prospect Park : by batpapi

I know things have been pretty dark around here. Let’s just be honest with each other for a minute. If you’ve followed the ebb and flow of this site over the years you know it goes in spurts. We happen to be in quite an ebb right now and my only advice to to wait for the flow.
That said I have a bunch of pictures from my Oregon trip last month. Half of these are mine, the other have are Billy’s. Billy was the bachelor of the bachelor party trip. The trip was great no one got hurt and everyone had fun. I even got to see friend of dport7 Aaron Shurts on the day before I returned to NYC. Check out the pics the country side out there is amazing.
In other news (much more recent) Kate got promoted last week!!!!!! It’s been a long time coming and well deserved. The entire dport7 staff has been celebrating all weekend after hearing the news.
Also in other news we are headed to San Diego California on Thursday evening and I will be taking my camera so LOOK OUT!!! I really want to try to get some good shots. I’ve never been there before so I’m looking forward to it!!

So we expected to wake up all night to gusting winds and thunder storms. In actual fact it was just a bit of rain. I woke up about 3am and took a look outside and it was calm. Then this morning the same thing. In the last 30 minutes or so it become a bit windier.
We sent the dport7 news crew to the roof to survey the damage. It was pretty uneventful.

I know this is going to sound ungrateful but after all this news coverage and all this hype, Kate and I feel a bit let down to have so much of nothing happen. Don’t get me wrong we are glad nothing disastrous happend but after 2 days of crazy media build up we don’t know what to do with ourselves now. I don’t know.

So just in case you’ve been totally cut off from the news I need to make you aware of something……. There is (as you read this) an apocalyptic size hurricane headed for us here in NYC. Are we going to be ok? you ask. Yes Kate I and the cat are on the top of the slope in Park Slope and with last years Micro Burst/Tornado in our neighborhood most of the weak trees have been knocked down already. This doesn’t mean we are ill prepared. Bottles of water will be bought and extra supplies are being horded. ButtFUZZ hates the storms so I have reassured her that nothing will happen. Although I must admit I’m looking forward to her little gray freakout.

With all this talk about how powerful this storm is going to be and all the whipping up the media is doing. I thought I’d give you a few tools you could use.
1. Check out this great map the NYTimes put up. You can track the storm in real time. You’ll be able to see it hit us in Brooklyn.
2. Last time we had a Hurricane of note in NYC was 1938. This podcast I listen to called “The Story” interviews a women that was caught in the storm out in the bay in Amagansett.

I will be live tweeting the entire storm so you can check back here on the right side of the page under Sweet Tweets to stay up to date on how the whole thing is going down.
Good Luck East Cost!!!!

I feel as if I need to record this are it is my first experience with the natural event that is the almighty EARTHQUAKE. Today at about 2:03pm I was sitting at our office lunch table with a group of coworkers and all of the sudden the table started to shake back and forth as if someone was pushing it with their foot. This was strange because the table is connected to the countertop and is also bolted into the cement floors. After a moment someone asked who was doing that and then we started to feel that same movement in the stools we were siting in. That’s when we all screamed “earthquake?” in a sort of incredulous bark. After getting up from the table and walking into the office I could see the track on the ceiling that holds up a dividing curtain swaying as if someone had jumped up and hit it. This is when the fact that I had really experienced my first earthquake sunk in. In that moment a low rumble of freak out came over me. Although it wasn’t a large enough quake to cause any real damage it was enough to give me a strange feeling of powerlessness. One of which it became clear how little control you have over random events of nature.
For more information on this 5.8 whopper check out the NY Times.