Well in truth it’s about time. Yep in just a matter of days I will be deleting my account on the Facebook. In short I’ve just had it with that noise. I started dport7 in 2004 as a way to document my life and stay in-touch with friends. I’ve been able to post all kinds of content and experiences. The Facebooks is full of a bunch of stuff I don’t need or even want. I’m confident I will not be missed. I’m also confident I won’t miss the relentless “what I had for lunch” updates. The “I can’t believe that just happened” comment bait. The “so and so just became friends with so and so” alerts. I’m out! Don’t be afraid to join me. Free yourself from the Facebook app on your phone and the worthless information it peddles.
I will remain on twitter and instagram because I need to get my Jen Norwood and Brian Lauvray fix from somewhere.
::::UPDATE:::: as of tonight I’m no more on the facebooks. “I barely new her”.


Alright I’ve had enough!!!! This whole ironic mustache thing needs to STOP. If I see one more artsy jackass kid holding a printed out image of a mustache over his mouth, wearing a mustache t shirt, tattooing a mustache on their finger etc. I’m going to lose it. I know what your saying “Paul why are you poo pooing this fun-time creative party?”. I’m poo pooing this because it’s not creative it’s just a creative cop out that at this point is no better than clip art. To be fair 5 years ago (or more) when all this ironic mustache shit started it was fine. Mustaches were funny and we all enjoyed it. Now the joke/irony has run it’s course and it’s time to use your “creativity” to come up with something else. Oh and if you were the dipshit that tattooed a mustache on your finger…. well you deserve the douche tag your now stuck with for life.