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November 7, 2010

Hello everybody! I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not but a few weeks ago I picked up the Canon 550D Rebel Ti2 SLR. I needed an upgrade from my old Nikon and the idea of shooting video with a nice lens was pretty exciting. I haven’t had a chance to really try it out until yesterday. I put together a bit of footage I took of ButtFUZZ and I have to admit I’m pretty happy with the results. The camera shoots at 30fps full 1080p video so the quality is impressive. I just wish there was a cheap unobtrusive rig I could find to help me shoot a bit smoother. Anyway check it out!
Just a tip if the video is running choppy on your machine make sure the HD is switched off. It takes a lot of bandwidth to run and a pretty fast computer.
it’s not you it’s them… your too hard on yourself.