Hello old friend…..

Yes, I’ve neglected you, and for good reason some might say. Since my last post in 2015, the internet has changed a lot. Instagram has become my main source of maintaining a fake sense of self importance. That said personal blogs became just too cumbersome for people to care about. It’s too much effort on both ends. Me to write and you to point your browser at.

The other day it came to my attention that this blog had fallen off the internet. That was a step too far even for this absent blog owner. So, last weekend I took the effortless steps to contact my server host and get things straightened out. That lands us here, at a cross roads. Is it so out of fashion that it is time to start this old, tired and pointless blog back up? Maybe, lets start with a short update to see.

Since the last post circa 2015:

  • The van has been almost fully restored
  • Kate and I took a Grand Canyon road trip in the van.
  • We bought a house and moved to West Orange NJ
  • I still have the same job
  • Kate is still at Eileen Fisher
  • I’m still bald
  • We still have buttfuzz (the cat)
  • Had a van project Kickstarter fail called Campskills.

That about it, certainly some big things in there and many posts that will never be realized, but that’s alright. I kinda mirrors my life in a way. Things just got too busy for me to embrace them and so they tend to fade a bit.

Here are a couple of photos to prove it.

This is it friends! Gold Turbo was just a test. After what seems like years of talking about it I present to you the Gold Antler Munnylope!
Special thanks to Jesus for doing the gilding! Well done best buddy!!!




Check this out!! My good work buddy Jesús suggested that I print out another Turbo and we gold leaf the little turd. I know nothing about gold leaf but Jesús is a pro! Tonight we did the first coat of gold and it’s looking pretty cool. Check it out below! I will post the final when it’s done.

Update:::: more gold, second coat

So this weekend is the opening party for the new office on 5th ave.
we have an animation guy at the Singapore office that put this little jam together and I thought it was pretty good. Sorry I couldn’t invite everyone. But hey it’s an office party you’ll get over it.

As you may or may not know We went to Denver this year to spend Christmas with the Rybicki’s.They generously invite my best good friend Brian to spend the holiday with us which makes for a wonderful Christmas time. Below is a video of Brian showing all of us how to do a Christmas Cart Wheel. Besides the Cart Wheel miracle we also visited the Coors Plant in Golden CO. As well as attend a Denver Nuggets game (thanks to Brian). The other main event was the most difficult puzzle ever created which me could not Finnish and almost drove us all crazy. Also let’s not forget the Brown Palace as well as a wonderful Christmas Dinner prepared by Mrs. Rybicki
Great big thanks to the Rybicki and to Brian for making this a great Christmas.

No photos available right now.

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Yeah, I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. It’s not normal to make all these cat videos and post them.
I can’t defend myself on this one.

Buttfuzz has acquired this blue whale that she loves to play with. What’s amazing is that little fat turd can really move when inspired. Moral of the story you ask?….. Get yourself a blue whale, and start living.

Also, in case you missed it, here’s a picture of Kate singing into a stuffed goat.